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Full Service Web Design

We offer branding services, logo design, web design, social media design and marketing, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), written content creation, image procurement, graphic design, illustration, print design, and a full range of domain, SSL, security, and hosting services.

Your website showcases your brand and is the center of your online presence.
It is an investment in you, and crucial to the growth of your business !

Web Design

Web Design Services

We are a full service web design company specializing in branding and custom website design. We work hard to discover the essence of what your brand has to offer, so we can effectively create an engaging web presence for you and your company. Your handcrafted website comes with full social media and email marketing integration. We also include training sessions to help you learn how to upload your own content, make blog posts, or manage your own store.

Fully Responsive ~ Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Ready

All of our sites are fully responsive, designed to be viewed on a varied range of screen sizes and are all mobile ready.

Branding Concept Image of Vintage Lightbulb with logo designs

Your Brand Begins with an Idea!

As it evolves to represent you and your company, a mindful approach can go a long way in effectively communicating your brand to your audience.

Mindful branding is a technique we use to build a brand that resonates with your ideal audience. It considers culture, ethics, values, mission, goals, characteristics, aesthetics, color meanings, vibe, your industry, and what makes you different.

Brand strategy is a plan that helps you communicate your brand concept to your defined audience in an authentic way.

Your Brand is a reflection of both you and your ideal customer.


Branding  & Logo Design

Brand Concept ~ Brand Strategy ~ Re-Branding

We offer full branding services that range from concept and design, to implementing your brand strategy. We create brands and also transform, fine tune, and re-brand existing brands. Beginning with you and your company, we will help you gain introspective insight into who you are, what you have to offer, your mission and goals, and who you are reaching out to with your branding message. In turn, through extensive research of your niche, your competitors, and the people you want your brand to connect with, we craft an innovative brand that will resonate and shine in your world.

Branding ~ Logo Design ~ Logo Re-Design

Logo design is the foundation of your brand. It is a mark that visually represents your brand and has character. Your logo also helps define your branding style and color palatte. Our logo design services go hand in hand with our branding services. We offer original logo design, both hand drawn and digital graphic design.

Social Media is an important part of your online presence.
It is a place to reach people with your message, nurture relationships, and drive traffic to your website!

Social Media

Social Media & Blog Design ~ Setup ~ Integration

Social Media is an important part of your web presence. It is a great marketing tool to give your business more exposure and draw traffic to your website. In addition, it is many times the first exposure someone has with your brand. We can make that moment matter, by designing your social media site to match your branding, and connecting it with your website to help drive traffic in both directions. As an added benefit, we provide sharing buttons on your website so that visitors can share your content on their social sites. We also offer both design, integration and content creation for blogs.

Social Media & Blog Content Creation

Social Media and Blog content is what fuels your website marketing efforts. We offer services for developing visual and written content designed to nurture your long term clients and potential customers. It is important that the traffic you are attracting, are people that are interested in what you have to offer. We can also implement strategies that help you get found by the right people. 

We create visually engaging shopping experiences that showcase your products!

We make sure your shopping cart looks and feels like the rest of your site to provide a seamless custom branded checkout!

Online Stores

Online Stores ~ e-Commerce ~ Shopping Carts

With more and more people shopping online, an e-Commerce store is a smart addition to your online presence. We provide a seamless checkout experience for visitors by designing  your storefront directly on your website, and include design and branding to match the rest of your site. E-Commerce provides an opportunity to sell services, physical products, subscription services, digital downloads, e-courses, rentals, and just about anything you can dream up.

WooCommerce ~ Payment Gateway Integration

We offer WooCommerce shopping checkout, which can be custom designed to fit your every need. From customized shipping options, to merchant services and payment gateways that accept major credit cards and Paypal. You can even offer retail and wholesale pricing separately through membership logins.

We Offer Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

to Help Your Website to be found in all the Major Search Engines!

(ie: Google, Bing, Yahoo…and more)

SEO ~ Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a subject that can be intimidating for many new entrepreneurs just launching their first website. There is so much competition on the internet, and to be successful these days it is not enough to just have a great website, you also have to have a website that is optimized for all of the top search engines. When you are adrift in a sea of endless possibilities you need a search light to illuminate the path. Search engine optimization is that search light guiding your potential customers right to your website. These days search engines are frequently changing the criteria behind their algorithms, they are constantly evolving to suit the need of an ever expanding internet. For you to be discovered by your tribe you need to fire up a beacon, and that is what you do when you add quality Search engine optimization to your website. Let us here at Octopus 9 help you develop the best Search Engine Optimization strategy for reaching your target audience so that you can develop organic traffic that drives your customers to your website, and encourages them to come back to you time and time again.

Keyword Research ~ Keyword Rich Content Creation

So you have a product and you need a website. The first thing you need to consider is what is going to make up that website. You need your logo and branding and pretty picture of your products and links to your social media accounts, but before all of that. You need content! Content is crucial to your websites success. You need lots of quality written content that tells your customers your story, and tells them who you are and what you have to share with the world. This is where Keyword research comes in. Every search engine in the world is driven by keywords. Keywords are what your potential customer’s type into a search engine when they need something. To be successful Keyword research has to be done on your industry. Then a list of the most used keywords for your industry must be compiled, and then those Keywords need to be organically seeded throughout your content. It is these Keywords that will help search engines direct your tribe to you and your website. Let us help guide you through the process of choosing the right keywords to build into the structure of your websites content. This will give you an edge over your competition.

Your website is a reflection of your brand and the center of your online presence.
It is an investment in you, and crucial to the growth of your business !

Graphic Design & Illustration

Graphic Design

You have a products or services you are offering, and you have a vision for how you want to present yourself to the world (or need help with that), but if you are like most people, you lack the skills you need to design your own graphics. That is where we come in. You tell us your vision and we will help you bring that unique vision to life. If you can dream it up we can help you breathe life into your vision. Maybe you are an artist and you just need a hand taking you creations and bringing them to life on the internet. Whatever your need we can help. Let us assist you every step of the way through the design process. We will help you bring your unique vision to the world, and present it in a way that best compliments your vision for your product. From the very first step designing your logo and choosing your style of branding we will be there to guide you through the entire process..

“Thanks to Tammy Bisetti and Eric at Octopus 9 Website design for the long days and late nights designing and creating all of my wild ideas, Facebook and internet advertising. Eric created and designed our event Shirt Logo. They are the best at what they do!”

Wayne Karastury

Owner, Backyard Self Storage Complex

Illustration ~ Book Ilustration - Digital & Hand Drawn

Do you have a vision for an illustration but you simply lack the skills at this time to bring that vision to life. We here at Octopus 9 Design love to work together with creative minds like you, to aid you in bringing your imagination to life. From Logo design to Book Illustrations we love to be involved in your creative process. Maybe you have a lovable character you need brought to life, or maybe you need illustration for the book you have been writing, we can help! If you have an idea no matter how big or how small we would love to help you develop it into a cohesive design that helps convey the vision that you are trying to share with the world. No project is too big or too small for us. We love a challenge, and we would love an opportunity to take part in your creative journey. Give us a call today and tell us what you have dreamed up.

“From one creative person to another, Tammy was very open to hearing about my ideas, but also brought her own to the table. I found this very engaging. I also enjoyed being kept in the loop to see the site as it evolved from start to finish, so there weren’t any surprises.  My biggest concern was that I would not be satisfied with the final product and that I would not be able to afford the cost of something that I am happy with. That was not what happened. I was able to get a beautiful website, that I am thrilled with, in a modest small business budget.“

Jessica Lennon

Hickory Grove Flower Farm

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