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Working in web design, we are continually looking for ways to help us grow and nurture our business and yours. We put together a list (below), of products and services we recommend that we have grown to love and in turn want to share with you.

Keep checking back! We continually add to this list as we find new services or products that help us “crush it” in the areas of branding, marketing, social media, seo, and business. We partner or affiliate with many of the product or service providers we use and love (please reference our note at the end of this page).

Social Media & Content Marketing


Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind is a great tool to use to help you increase engagement and grow your Instagram or Pinterest following. More than a scheduler, Tailwind gives you access to “tribes” of other Tailwind users that provide a buddy system for like minded business that help each other increase visibility of posts. In addition, they provide hashtag research, suggestion and storage of your hash tag sets, along with storage for all your posts and a calendar. Tailwind has an algorithm of it’s own that analyzes your posts to determines the best scheduling time so you reach the most viewers based on your post history. As a time saver, it is invaluable, because you can create all your posts for the week in one sitting and Tailwind will auto post them at the scheduled times, when you approve them (which you can manually adjust by the way). We use Tailwind to help many of our clients automate their social media posting. Tailwind can help take the headache out of social media posting and free up time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

If you are short on time or need help designing, branding, and creating posts for your social media, reach out to us. We offer social media design and posting services for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest including set up and branding, and video creation services. Give us a call at 877-808-7700, or send us a message on our contact us page.

Content Creation & Video


Wave.Video is a video content creation service that is super easy to use! You can upload your own logo and branding images and search for content within your account as well. Wave.Video is connected to popular stock image libraries to give you a large variety of images (free and premium) to choose from when creating your videos. They also have a large sound file library and transitions and effects. Wave Video is a great service for creating your own videos and they also provide easy to follow tutorials. We have used Wave.Video on client projects to create highlight stories for Instagram and Facebook ads, and they always come out looking amazing and professional!

If you are not into the DIY aspect, we offer design and video creation services, give us a call at 877-808-7700, or send us a message on our contact us page.



Grasshopper is a virtual phone system for your business. We use it for our main business number at Octopus 9. It is easy to use and assures you don’t miss a call when you are not at the office. We have a virtual phone number that rings at our office and is set to forward to our cell phones. When the call comes in, the callers name is announced and the cell phone displays it is a call from the office. When messages are left, they can be listened to as voice messages and they also come in text form to our email.

Grasshopper has many features including extensions, toll free numbers, local numbers, vanity numbers and virtual receptionist services. It allows you to work virtually from anywhere! We love Grasshopper and have been using them since we started our business.

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Sharing the love! We partner or affiliate with many of the product and service providers we use and love, so if you click on one of  the links above, we may earn a small commission.  This helps pay for the time it takes to create this helpful content for you and supports our coffee habit.  We never recommend or promote a product to you that we are not TRULY EXCITED ABOUT, and don’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE!  So, if you want to sign up or purchase any of the products or services above, please use the website links we have provided.

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