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American Custom Sneezeguards

John at American Custom Sneezeguards is a pleasure to work with. For his website project he wanted branding that reflected his manufacturing company of over 40 years in the restaurant and hospitality business.  To start, we designed a logo with an American flag theme. We chose a solid construction of metal and rivets to communicate and reflect the durability and high standard of quality in his products. Then we added a homepage slideshow, front and center, to display full views of his custom work.

To continue with the rugged metal theme, we designed an extensive portfolio that showcased the work he has done for numerous clients. We also included an animated runner of all their logos, to run above the footer. To facilitate getting some pre-sale info, we created a quote request form with conditional logic, that expands to include different questions based on the users interest.

Prior to meeting with us, John had not used social media to promote his business. We started him out by designing a blog for him, and included it on his site. We then created header designs for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest to match his new branding. To help drive traffic to John’s site, we perform search engine optimization (SEO) on his site, including the addition of fresh written and visual content to his site regularly. We created a Pinterest board strategy and design postings ongoing to help promote John’s business and continue to create SEO optimized posts on all his social media platforms.

The Hickory Grove Flower Farm website was a really fun project and the owner, Jess, has a very positive energy and was great to work with. We chose a lavendar and grey pallate to accentuate her colorful floral arrangements and sourced a goat photo that became a mascot for her business. We also included lots of weathered wood to give a rustic feel to her branding. We did a re-design of her logo and designed versions for different placement with added color accents to match her branding.

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