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Our Process

Here is an in-depth look at our web design process,

and what you can expect when working with us on your project.


Initial Consultation

Our web design process begins with getting to know you and your business.  We will do an deep analysis of your business, your needs, and your current branding.  In this first step, we will draft a detailed plan to bring your business to the next level by developing a web presence that shines and communicates your brand effectively.


Your Branding

The next step in our process is to carefully analyze all the different aspects of your brand.  All the elements of your brand will be communicated to your niche market through our design in an authentic and mindful way .  In this second step, we will provide suggestions and options for a color palate and font choices for your design. We will create a look and feel for your website that will define and showcase your brand visually.


Layout, Structure, and Functionality

We will begin by creating the main navigation for your site. Then we will create layout structure for each of your pages. We will work with you from start to finish, to make sure you are happy with the structure, and that it makes sense for all the content you want to present.  From there we will work on any additional functionality that needs to be included on your site.


Content Development

In step four of our web design process, we put together ideas for your website content.  All your content should be visually engaging, informative, and be delivered in an intuitive way to provide an enjoyable experience.  Some clients want to use their own images and written content, and others prefer that we handle it all. Most of our clients prefer a mix of the two. We offer services to help with image procurement and written content.


Integration and Custom Functionality

Step 5 in our web design and development process is to integrate any custom functionality or additional features.  These range from social media integration to ecommerce shopping carts.  It can include installing your legal documents (ie: privacy policy or terms of service).  It also may include a blog, customer email marketing pop-ups, or custom forms designed to collect up-front information from potential customers before connecting with them.


Testing and Launch

The final step in our web design process is to launch your site to your hosting service, install your SSL certificate, and do final testing in the browser.  You will then have a live, fully responsive website!  Yay!  Time for a launch party!  This is a good time to check out all the ways you can promote and market your new website.  We can help you do that, and also have lots of resources available for the DIY minded.  Enjoy!

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