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Custom Responsive Web Design

Innovative Branding ~ Logo Design

Custom Print Design ~ Graphic Design

Social Media Design ~ Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Blogging and Content Creation Services

Your Website is Your Place of Business on the Web


~ It is a home for your brand ,

a place to communicate with your tribe ,

and should contain the fertile soil in which to grow your brand. ~


All your social media and marketing should lead back to it !

~ Your Business Online ~

Choosing your

business domain name,

hosting, & security (SSL),

are all a good

place to start!

Need a Domain Name, Hosting, or an SSL Certificate for your New Website?

Need help with this?

Call us @ 877-808-7700

Innovative Branding

Your brand is your unique vision

of who you are.


From idea to concept, we specialize in creating

authentic unique branding for you and your



We will also help you effectively communicate

your brand to your ever growing tribe.

Deep Dive

Web Design & Branding

Your website is often times the first impression you make and it should communicate your brand,


We dive deep into your story and work with you to create a unique look and feel that showcases your work in a creative way to make your brand stand out.  All of our services work together to create an impressive online presence and impactful marketing strategy for you and your company.

some of our favorite projects…

“I came to Octopus 9, hoping to put some fresh paint on my 40+ year restaurant business. They created a logo I feel truly connected to, and that speaks to the clientele we serve. They created a clean, easy-flowing website that speaks to my company and showcased the projects me and my team are most proud of.

Having the creative, hard-working team of Octopus 9 to upgrade our branding and footprint, allows us the confidence and time to focus on our work, and together we have seen an increase in sales and new clients. “

John Taylor

American Custom Sneeze Guards

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Deep Dive

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